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Madlib and Karriem Riggins team up for a new album that'll have you stomping!

Madlib and Karriem Riggins are teaming up for a new album, YHWH Is Love, set to be released in March.

The duo, known as Jahari Massamba Unit, has shared the lead single "Stomping Gamay" ahead of the album's release.

This album follows their previous collaboration, Pardon My French, released in 2020.

Revolutionising Education: UNCW's Hip-Hop Curriculum Empowers Students to Find Their Voices

A new curriculum developed by the UNCW Office of the Arts is using hip-hop to help students at D.C.

Virgo Preparatory Academy find their voices. Through the Hip-Hop Collective, students created songs, poetry, and graffiti art as a way to process their emotions.

The program, funded by a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, aims to provide a safe space for students to express themselves and heal.

Souls of Mischief's '93 'Til Infinity' Finally Goes Gold: Celebrating 30 Years of Hip Hop!

Hip Hop group Souls of Mischief is celebrating the news that their debut album, "93 'Til Infinity," has finally gone gold, more than 30 years after its release.

The group took to Instagram to thank their fans for their support and express their excitement for "30 more years.

" The album, known for its internal rhyme schemes and jazz and funk samples, remains a classic in the genre.

Harvard Hosts Groundbreaking Hip-Hop Exhibit Curated by Brooklyn Native for 50th Anniversary

Brooklyn native Laylah Amatullah Barrayn has curated an exhibit at Harvard University's Ethelbert Cooper Gallery celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

The exhibit, titled "Day One DNA: 50 Years in Hiphop Culture," features artifacts from hip-hop pioneers Ice T and DJ Afrika Islam, including records, instruments, clothing, and photographs.

Barrayn aims to showcase the origins and beginnings of hip-hop through this exhibition, which will be on view until May 2024.

Street Art Showdown: Inside the Legendary NYC Wall's Turf War

The iconic Bowery wall in NYC, once known for displaying street art from renowned artists, has become a battleground for a graffiti turf war.

Since spring 2022, lesser-known painters have been tagging the wall, overwhelming the private buffing team and causing the wall's steward to stop curating it.

The situation reflects a larger graffiti revival, with many graffiti writers now seeking social media notoriety.

Despite attempts to clean up the wall, it remains lawless and chaotic.

BBNG Collides with Griselda on Fiery New Single 'MiNt cHoCoLaTe'

Jazz group BadBadNotGood collaborates with rappers Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine on their new single "MiNt cHoCoLaTe."

The song is the second single from 88Rising's 1999 Write the Future experience and comes with a music video.

AZ Reveals Industry Secrets & How he Stays True to Himself on Drink Champs

AZ, the underrated rapper known for his collaborations with Nas, joined "Drink Champs" to discuss his career, the industry, and how he stays grounded.

He reflects on his past collaborations, the effects of fame and money in the industry, and the importance of competition and skepticism.

The Mixtape's Endless Evolution: How the Mixtape Shaped and Defined Hip-Hop Culture

The mixtape has played a crucial role in the evolution of hip-hop, from its early days as a way to record live performances to its current incarnation as a curated playlist or non-label release.

Artists like Paradise Gray, co-host of the A&E show "Hip-Hop Relics," remember the value of mixtapes in sharing and discovering new music.

Though mixtapes may have gone through various formats over the years, their importance and influence in hip-hop culture remains undeniable.

KRS-One Calls Out Grammys: 'You Ignored Hip Hop for 49 Years'

Hip-hop legend KRS-One turned down an invitation to perform at the Grammy Academy's Hip Hop 50 show, citing the Grammys' lack of support for hip-hop until now.

In an interview, he expressed his belief that the institution had ignored the genre for 49 years and didn't deserve the privilege of his presence.

Unlocking the Roots of Rap: How African Rhythms Shaped American Hip-Hop

This engaging article explores the roots of American hip-hop and its connection to African rhythms.

The piece delves into the history of rap, tracing its origins back to the griots of West African kingdoms and the call-and-response tradition.

The article emphasises the importance of preserving and documenting African hip-hop history and showcases the South African Hip-Hop Museum as an example of this effort.

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