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Hip Hop Weekly Newsletter

Drake and Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, are engaged in a heated feud. Drake took a shot at Bey, accusing him of having a drug-fuelled marriage.

The feud began when Bey criticised Drake's music, and now Drake is retaliating by throwing shade at Bey on social media.

For the second year in a row, Tyler, The Creator has sold more vinyl records than any other rapper.

While streaming services dominate the music industry, many fans still enjoy owning physical copies of their favourite albums.

Tyler's success on vinyl is highlighted by the popularity of his deluxe edition album and his headlining spot at Coachella.

Conway The Machine has released a new song called "Give & Give," teasing the upcoming Side B of his album "Won't He Do It."

The track, produced by Cool & Dre, showcases Conway's lyrical prowess and features a music video filmed in Venice, Italy.

The rapper also recently previewed a new song with Swizz Beatz, leaving fans excited for more collaborations.

Christian rapper Dee-1 has revealed that he was offered a record deal in exchange for engaging in "homosexual acts."

In a conversation with The Art of Dialogue, Dee-1 discussed the existence of "gatekeepers" in the music industry who try to exploit artists.

He emphasised the importance of staying true to one's beliefs and not succumbing to such pressures.

This revelation adds to Dee-1's ongoing criticism of major players in the music industry for promoting negative behaviour.

U.K. drill artist Bandokay, part of the OFB drill collective, reassured his fans amidst rumours of his arrest for gun possession.

The rapper, who is the son of Mark Duggan, apologised to his fans and asked for their support during this time.

Official details of the arrest are still unknown.

Joe Budden recently shared his thoughts on the 50th anniversary celebrations of hip-hop, agreeing with KRS-One's criticism that the events lacked actual hip-hop.

He described some of the celebrations as "depressing" and disappointing to see his favourite artists in rough shape.

Little Brother, the North Carolina hip hop group, recently released a documentary called "May the Lord Watch: The Little Brother Story."

The film tells their vulnerable and transparent story of hip hop, brotherhood, and family, making it a must-watch for fans of underground rap.

Despite facing turbulent times, Little Brother's future is still bright.

Verb T has released new psychedelic visuals for his track "I Guess?"

The video transports listeners to a futuristic world, while the song itself explores themes of personal growth and self-reflection.

The track is featured on Verb T's latest album, "The Tower Where the Phantom Lives."

Limited copies of the album are still available in various formats.

After a long hiatus, Slum Village is finally back with a new album set to release in 2024.

The duo has shared their latest single, "Request," featuring Earlly Mac and Abstract Orchestra, following up on their 2023 release, "Just Like You.

Dee-1, a Christian rapper, questions whether N.W.A deserves to be considered a legendary group due to their glorification of violence and disrespect towards women.

He argues that calling people legends in hip hop perpetuates negativity and suggests that the industry should remove the legend status from those who have contributed to negativity.

However, N.W.A is still set to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Grammy's.

The Irish language rap group, Kneecap, is set to premiere their semi-fictionalised movie at the Sundance Film Festival, making it the first Irish language film to be showcased at the festival.

The film explores the origins of the band and their connection to the growing demand for Irish language protections in Northern Ireland, bringing controversy, hip-hop, and the Irish language to the big screen.

The movie features Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender and is a breakthrough moment for Irish language films.

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