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On J Dilla's 50th birthday, RZA paid tribute to the late producer during his Wu Wednesday show on SiriusXM radio.

RZA played two songs that Dilla produced for Raekwon's album and reminisced about their creation.

RZA praised Dilla's unique ability to pay homage to Wu-Tang Clan and his impressive production skills.

Busta Rhymes and other hip-hop legends also honoured Dilla on his birthday.

Pete Rock, a legendary hip-hop producer known for his work with artists like The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest, has expressed his desire to not be included on any hip-hop producer lists.

Despite his accomplishments and influence, Rock believes that these lists don't accurately reflect his worth as a producer.

He recently announced a joint project with Common, further solidifying his status in the industry.

Grandmaster Flash believes that Drake is a true representation of hip-hop because he raps over different styles of beats, just like the first generation MC's.

Flash praises Drake's versatility and attributes his success to his ability to rhyme on everything.

From Badshah to Raja Kumari, these Indian rappers are revolutionising the music industry.

They have brought the concept of hip-hop, rap, and freestyle to India and are gaining international recognition for their talent.

Get to know more about these artists who are leading the rap scene in the country.

In an interview, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of Run-DMC discusses the current state of hip-hop and its loss of rhythm and poetry.

He emphasises the dilution of the genre by commercial success and the lack of artistic integrity and cultural significance in many modern rap songs.

McDaniels provides insight into the origins of hip-hop and the importance of preserving its history and authenticity.

The Source Magazine pays tribute to Lovebug Starski, a pioneer of Hip Hop who passed away four years ago.

Starski was instrumental in the early days of the culture, along with partners Brucie B and DJ Hollywood, and is credited with coining the term "Hip Hop.

Grandmaster Flash, one of hip-hop’s pioneers, revolutionised the genre by pushing boundaries and using music as a platform for social change.

His innovative techniques, such as looping and scratching, set the foundation for modern rap records and empowered marginalised voices.

His legacy continues to inspire future generations of artists.

J Dilla was a highly respected rapper, producer, and drummer who battled with health issues throughout his career.

He was diagnosed with rare blood disorder TTP and lupus, yet continued to create music until his death in 2006 from cardiac arrest.

His dedication to his craft was unwavering.

Rest in Power Dilla.

Ozzy Osbourne has publicly criticised Kanye West for using an uncleared sample during his "Vultures" listening party.

Osbourne, labelling West as an antisemite, stated that he wanted no association with the rapper.

The incident adds to the ongoing controversy and technical difficulties that have surrounded West's recent events.

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