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Hip Hop Weekly Newsletter

DigDat, known for his hit single "Air Force," has been charged with attempted murder and multiple gun charges.

This comes after the conviction of another UK drill rapper, Kay-O, for murdering his rival.

DigDat had served time in prison before and was released in 2023.

In a recent social media post, rapper Cormega reflected on the changing state of hip-hop, expressing his concern that numbers and sales have become more important than artistic skill.

He praised new artists who prioritise lyrical abilities and called for a balance between pushing boundaries and maintaining traditional standards.

Cormega's comments echo those of other artists, like Russ, who believe that the focus on numbers undermines the true value of music.

Cassidy battles himself on his latest release, "Bars Is Back Vs. Da Energy," proving that he is his own competition.

Fans are excited about the drop, with one fan even expressing disappointment that it wasn't on an album.

This isn't the first time Cassidy has battled himself on wax, as he did so on the 2005 track "The Problem vs.The Hustla.

In this engaging article, the author explores the history of sampling in hip-hop and its impact on the genre.

From the early experimental uses of sampling in Europe to the mainstream success of hip-hop tracks incorporating samples.

The article delves into the creative and transformative aspects of sampling.

It also highlights the influence of artists like A Tribe Called Quest and N.W.A., as well as the continued prevalence of sampling in modern music.

Yesterday marked the 31st anniversary of Boogie Down Productions' album "Sex And Violence."

Despite lackluster sales, this album remains an underground classic, addressing social issues of the time and showcasing KRS-One's unique style.

Salute to "The Teacher" and the rest of BDP for their pioneering work in Hip Hop.

Little Simz's latest EP, Drop 7, showcases the UK rapper's relaxed and confident style.

With funky digital production and lyrics that touch on her accomplishments and personal experiences, Simz proves once again why she is considered one of the UK's sharpest rappers.

From Run-D.M.C. to the runway, hip-hop has had a significant impact on style and fashion.

Artists like Dapper Dan and Kendrick Lamar have pushed the boundaries of fashion, and hip-hop style has become a cultural statement and reflection of the ever-evolving nature of the genre.

As hip-hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, it's important to recognise the enduring effect it has had on the fashion world.

Slum Village is teasing their first album since 2015, titled "Fun."

In an interview, the group discussed their latest track "Request" and their desire to have fun and catch a vibe with this album.

They emphasised the importance of enjoying the creative process and not just chasing trends.

The release date for the album is unknown, but they hinted at another album potentially dropping later in the year.

Slum Village expressed their gratitude towards their fans for their support throughout their 30-year career.

East London's iconic MC, Ghetts, has released a new Daily Duppy freestyle ahead of his album launch.

Known for his razor-sharp lyricism, Ghetts showcases his talent with intricate football schemes and metaphors, solidifying his place as a trailblazer in the UK music scene.

His eagerly awaited album ‘On Purpose, With Purpose’. is out now.

Production company Banijay U.K. has acquired a minority stake in Immovable Studios, founded by British hip-hop artist Akala and talent manager Chanelle Newman.

The investment aims to support the growth of Immovable Studios' premium television and content portfolio, which includes projects such as docu-series and scripted series.

Brother Ali, the acclaimed hip hop artist and community leader, has released a new song and animated short called "Ottomans" as a preview of his upcoming album and film, "Love & Service."

The project features a unique visual style and explores themes of healing, spirituality, and community.

Ali's new sonic territory and visual storytelling make this a must-watch for fans of indie rap.

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