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Hip Hop Weekly Newsletter

DJ Premier, the producer behind Gang Starr, shared the story behind the title of their album "Hard to Earn" on its 30th anniversary.

He revealed that Guru, the late member of the duo, came up with the title after a conversation about the difficulties of the music business.

The album remains a fan favorite and marked a change in DJ Premier's sound. Premier also took the opportunity to thank those involved with the album and pay tribute to Guru.

Hip-hop artist Skyzoo and production duo The Other Guys have released a deluxe edition of their concept album, "The Mind of a Saint," adding seven new tracks to the original release.

The album, inspired by the hit TV show "Snowfall," explores the dark and hopeless story of lead character Franklin Saint.

Fans can stream the deluxe edition now.

Alecs DeLarge is back with his latest visuals for the single 'Scooby Snax', showcasing his unique style.

The song is taken from his debut self-produced LP 'Alecs In Wonderland'.

With limited copies available, it's time to secure your own before they're gone.

In a recent interview on De La Soul's radio show, Questlove recalled how Prince kicked De La Soul out of their own studio session.

Prince wanted to play his album to Clive Davis, so De La Soul had to leave.

Despite the interruption, Questlove also expressed his admiration for De La Soul and their influence on The Roots' music.

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, drummer for The Roots and acclaimed director, has announced his latest book, "Hip-Hop Is History."

Co-written with author Ben Greenman, the book explores the creative and cultural forces that shaped hip-hop and includes both forgotten gems and chart-topping hits.

Questlove brings his encyclopedic knowledge and passion as a fan and participant to this intimate and sweeping look at a cultural revolution.

In a recent interview, executive Steve Stoute claimed that he "started" the trend of shoe deals for rappers.

However, fans of Run-DMC quickly pointed out that the legendary group had their own line of shoes with adidas in 1988.

Many commenters called out Stoute for trying to erase hip hop history.

Hip-hop wouldn't be where it is today without the contributions of women in the genre.

From MC Sha-Rock to Roxanne Shante, this article highlights 20 female MCs who have made a significant impact on hip-hop.

These trailblazers have influenced a new generation of rising female artists and have helped shape the genre into what it is today.

Stay Flee Get Lizzy, a prominent producer in the UK rap scene, has released his debut project, Stars Aligned, featuring collaborations with both established and emerging artists.

The album took two and a half years to create and showcases the diversity and talent within the UK rap scene.

Stay Flee Get Lizzy aims to unite artists and expand the rap scene even further with his music.

The American Museum of Natural History is set to open a special exhibition called "Ice Cold: An Exhibition of Hip-Hop Jewellery" this spring.

The exhibit will showcase custom-made jewellery worn by iconic hip-hop stars and will trace the evolution of hip-hop jewellery over the past five decades.

It aligns with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop as a global phenomenon and aims to highlight the cultural influence of hip-hop through its jewellery.