MicDrop 28

Hip Hop Weekly Newsletter

15-year-old Gaza rapper MC Abdul is excited to perform at the Rolling Loud California hip hop festival.

MC Abdul gained fame in 2020 with an emotional cover of "See You Again" and has received praise from DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper.

Rapper CeeLo Green has purchased the former home of hip-hop pioneer Rico Wade, with plans to turn it into a museum.

The home, known as "The White House," holds a significant place in Atlanta's musical history.

Nas and DJ Premier prove they still have what it takes in their new single "Define My Name."

The legendary rapper and producer showcase their incredible chemistry and remind us why they're icons in the hip-hop industry.

Cey Adams, a pioneer of hip-hop graphic design, is being showcased in a retrospective exhibition in Miami.

Adams' innovative work has had a significant impact on hip-hop, fashion, and film, and his influence continues to shape the industry today.

Anime and hip-hop have a deep connection that goes beyond what fans may think.

Hip-hop has heavily influenced anime, but anime has also had a significant impact on hip-hop, from music to fashion to vernacular.

The relationship between the two is a symbiotic one that has enriched both cultures.

The Alchemist and Oh No, known as Gangrene, have released their fourth project together titled "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose."

With chilling and gritty instrumentals and impressive features, this album is a must-listen for hip-hop fans.

In the 90s, album covers were more than just artwork - they were portals into a unique universe for Hip Hop fans.

This article showcases 18 iconic rap album covers that reflected the diverse tapestry of Hip Hop culture and shaped its trajectory.

U.K. rap stars Stormzy and Headie One have reunited for a new single, "Cry No More," from Headie One's upcoming album.

The introspective track reflects on their personal struggles and hints at Stormzy's next album, potentially named after his girlfriend Maya Jama.

Method Man's daughter, Chey, showed off her rap skills by freestyling over a classic Redman beat.

Chey recently launched her own rap career and received a co-sign from Trina.

After a decade away from music, British rapper-turned-actor Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas is back with his new album 'Being Poor Is Expensive'.

The album, set to release on July 12th, is filled with vivid storytelling and a sense of nostalgia for his roots.