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Weekly Flow: Inside Hip-Hop's Evolving Echo

The Never-Ending Love Affair: Rick Rubin's Obsession with the Defiantly Unclassifiable 'Rain Song'

In an interview with Rolling Stone, music producer Rick Rubin revealed that there is one song he never gets tired of: Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song."

Rubin, known for his work with a wide range of artists across different genres, described the song as "defying classification" and praised its tasteful and beautiful guitar detail, as well as its ability to be sad, moody, and strong all at the same time.

He expressed his admiration for how the song goes through different musical movements and said that he could listen to it all day.

Suge Knight Drops Bombshell: Snoop Dogg Implicated in 2Pac's Murder

In a shocking revelation, Suge Knight has implicated Snoop Dogg in the murder of 2Pac.

Knight, currently incarcerated, called out his former artist on his podcast, demanding answers and saying he has "a lot of explaining to do.

"Knight also made claims about Snoop's alleged involvement in the events leading up to 2Pac's death.

This accusation adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation into the murder of the rap legend.

London's Hottest Music Festival: All Points East Unveils Loyle Carner as Headliner

London's popular music festival, All Points East, has announced Loyle Carner as their first headliner for their 2024 event.

Carner, a beloved artist from London, recently released his highly acclaimed third LP.

The festival lineup also includes Nas, Ezra Collective, Sainté, ENNY, Joe James, and Navy Blue, making it a star-studded showcase of hip hop and jazz talent.

With a reputation for eclectic crowds and blockbuster lineups, All Points East is set to solidify its position as London's leading festival.

Black Sheep's $750 Million Lawsuit Against Universal Over Spotify Royalties Dismissed

Hip-hop duo Black Sheep's $750 million lawsuit against Universal Music Group (UMG) over unpaid Spotify royalties has been dismissed by a US District Judge.

The duo claimed that UMG owed them and other artists unpaid royalties due to a 2008 agreement between UMG and Spotify.

However, the judge ruled that the lawsuit exceeded the statute of limitations and was time barred.

Black Sheep argued that they should have received 50% of royalties from Spotify and 5% of UMG's Spotify equity.

UMG called the claim "patently false and absurd.

Czarface Unleashes Cosmic Hip Hop Magic with New Album 'Czartificial Intelligence'

Hip hop supergroup Czarface is back with their new album 'Czartificial Intelligence,' and hip hop purists are sure to be thrilled.

Consisting of members from Wu Tang Clan and Boston underground hip hop acts, Czarface takes fans on an abstract journey where cosmic hip hop, boom bap, and comic book culture collide.

With collaborations with other esteemed MCs and a series of merchandise drops, Czarface has garnered a cult following.

The album, featuring guest appearances from Logic, Kool Keith, and more, is set to release on December 1.

The Impact of Hip-Hop on Women's Minds: A Disturbing Revelation and Unsettling Questions

In this thought-provoking article, the author reflects on the recent accusations of domestic abuse and rape against music mogul Sean Combs, known as Puff Daddy.

The author discusses her personal history as a fan of hip-hop and how it has shaped her perception of women.

She questions her own complicity as a listener and examines the misogyny often present in hip-hop lyrics.

The author also laments the closure of a legal window that allowed survivors of sexual abuse to file civil suits, highlighting the potential consequences for those who may have yet to come forward.

Little Brother's 'May The Lord Watch' Documentary Unveils Their Rise, Breakup, and Reunion

Little Brother, the North Carolina group known for bridging the gap between The Roots and Kendrick, Tribe and Cole, De La and Drake, has released a new documentary called "May the Lord Watch."

The film chronicles the formation, breakup, and reunion of the group, with a focus on the relationship between Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh.

The documentary features appearances from Questlove, DJ Drama, and other industry executives.

Little Brother fans can watch the documentary and make a donation to the film via the Southern Documentary Fund.

21 Savage Shines at First UK Gig, But Shows Some Flaws Along the Way

21 Savage, the Atlanta-based rapper, gave his first ever UK performance, showcasing the breadth of his career.

The show, split into three sections, featured tracks from his back catalogue and highlighted Savage's soulfulness.

While the show felt uneven at times and missed the opportunity to showcase more solo material, it was a testament to Savage's magnetic star power.

After being denied the chance to tour outside the US for so long, this UK performance marked a major career milestone for the rapper.

Banksy Breaks Silence: Elusive Artist Reveals His First Name in Long-Lost Interview

In a recently discovered interview recorded 20 years ago, the secretive artist known as Banksy revealed his first name.

The interview, conducted by BBC reporter Nigel Wrench, features Banksy discussing his graffiti skills and defending his work.

While Banksy's art has evolved over the years, it continues to make waves with its social statements and stunts.

The artist's true identity remains a mystery, with rumors circulating that he may be one of several artists or even a member of the band Massive Attack.

Andre 3000 Breaks the Mold: From Rap Legend to Flute Enthusiast

In this article, the author argues that Andre 3000, one-half of the rap duo OutKast, has already won the rap game and has every right to explore his passion for playing the flute.

The author discusses the changing expectations for aging rappers and the freedom artists like Andre 3000 have to be discerning about their music.

They highlight Andre's self-awareness and desire to be intentional with his art, even if it means not releasing a solo rap album.

Overall, the author emphasises that artists don't owe anything to their fans and should pursue what fulfills them creatively.